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Hi Lewis Leopards!

Well, it is truly unfortunate that we are not all on campus together in person, but as you see your teachers and ALL staff are here to support you as best as possible while the school buildings are closed.  Learning and growing through challenges are what makes us stronger in the end. Be patient with yourselves, and with those around you.  We are all trying to figure out each day as it comes.  If you need support from a School Counselor, I am always an email or a phone call away.  Check out our counseling resources on this page or through our Counseling Google Classroom.  We will be updating information regularly with some tips for your wellness. 

Until we all gather at school together, be kind to yourself, get creative, and learn something new.

Take care of yourselves and we will see you as soon as possible!

Sending positive vibes to you!

Mrs. Weiss
Google Voice Number (619) 485-4975
Virtual Office Hours M-F 11:00am-3:00pm. 

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During this temporary school closure, I want you to know that I miss you and I am here for you if you need me. 

Please visit our Lewis webpage under Students to “Check In”.  You will find a form to complete which will help the counselors identify what you and family may need assistance with.  I can learn more about how you and family are doing during this unexpected time away from school.

The best way to reach me is via email nsoubirou@sandi.net or Google voice (619) 928-9693.

Mrs. Soubirou 

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Greetings Lewis Middle School Students,

Many of you have seen me on campus, I am not sure if you all miss me, but I definitely miss seeing you all, laughing, joking and supporting you.

I will be available via email Monday-Friday. Please contact any of us counselors if you need any extra support.

As you work through your weekly school schedule we want to remind you all to be kind to yourselves, stay positive, work together with your peers, jog down how your day was in a journal, keep up a well-balanced diet with fun snacks, keep your music going in your ear pods, get out for a walk, jog or bike at least twice a day and enjoy your family time.

Set some daily and weekly goals and make sure to reward yourself as you get close to them and as you accomplish them. Please feel free to share them with your parents, teachers and counselors. 

From the Laptop of School Counselor, Mr. D. Samuels, 
Smile and Bamboom...