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5. Tips for Students

Tips for Students

How does a student get to see a counselor?
A student should fill out a "request to see the counselor" formlocated the main office. Please drop off the completed form int he guidanceoffice before school, during lunch, or after school. The counselor will thensend for the student at the most convenient time for both. In an emergency, astudent may ask their teacher for a "pass" to guidance.

Why should I go to see a counselor?

  • Academic Assistance

    • Goal Setting
    • 4 year plans
    • 6 year plans
    • New student orientation
    • Scheduling Assistance
    • Finding a tutor
    • How to work with teachers
  • Career Assistance

  • Personal Assistance

  • To report a problem.

  • Anger management help

  • Problems at home

  • Friendship problems