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3. Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I call first?

Sometimes it's hard to know who to call at the school when you need help or information. To help you get the best information and the quickest response we are providing this brief guide for you. It is best not to call your student's counselor if you want a quick response. The counseling secretary will take a message and we will try to return your call as soon as possible. If you want to discuss your student with his/her counselor, please make an appointment by contacting one of the counselors listed below.

Who do I contact for:

Academic progress or grade information?

If you want information about your student's progress in school, contacting his/her teacher through email, or through the main office phone (619-583-3233) is most effective. If you need a parent teacher conference, please contact the teacher first or contact the counseling department to set up an appointment.

Attendance or Registration/Enrollment:

If you want to know about your student's attendance, or would like to enroll a new student, please contact
Ms. Cindi Stadler 619-583-3233 x 2205                              
in the Attendance Office.

Homework when you are planning an out of town trip of 5 days or longer?   Request a contract
If you want to arrange a contract for an absence and a homework plan, please contact
Ms. Cindi Stadler 619-583-3233 x 2205     

For less than 5 days absence, contact your student's teachers via e-mail.  Homework can be left at the attendance counter for parents to pick up.

Student Records, Transcripts and Grade Information:

The counseling secretary can give the quickest and best information when you have questions about transcripts, report cards, grades, student schedules, schedule changes and student cumulative records.

Student Discipline:

If you want information about student discipline, your best resources are our Vice Principals.  You may reach the VP Secretary, Pearlee Simms @ 619-583-3233 x2219 or email us.

If you don't know who to call, please call the Main Office at 619-583-3233 or the Counseling Secretary at 583-3233 x2217 (bilingual). 


Our counselors are available by appointment. Please email or call your child's counselor directly at:

Dina Weiss, Counselor: Students Last Name A - L
619-583-3233 ext. 2225

Nicole Soubirou, Counselor: Students Last Name M - Z
619-583-3233 ext. 2224

Olivia Flores, Counselor: Attendance, 504 Coordinator
619-583-3233 ext. 2207
For urgent needs, please contact the school main office phone line at 619-583-3233.