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Procedures for Bus Arrivals & Dismissals

Bus Riders


At bus stop       

  • Parents must be at their designated stop 10 minutes prior to pick up and/or drop off time.       
  • If after 15 minutes, the bus has not arrived, please call the District Transportation Dept. from the stop. Tel. (858) 496-8460 for further information re: your bus.

Buses Arrivals

    • Upon arrival, students go directly to: the cafeteria (breakfast at school) or to line up at their designated location.
    • If a bus arrives late, students are not considered tardy, in their attendance record, but still require a pass to enter the classroom. In case of a “late bus”: 
    1. Bus students should not go to the front office for a tardy slip:
    2. Students (K-5) go to the Cafeteria for a tardy Slip.
    3. MS (6-8) get Tardy slip at bus arrival & go directly to class.


    Call the District Transportation Dept. if bus is over 15 min. late.

    Parents must call 
    before 1 p.m. daily & 11 a.m. on Thursday

    No last minute changes will be honored.

     Important/New Dismissal Protocols:.
    1. Parents must always notify school of bus changes for All K-8 students, to notify 
      bus drivers.
    • Changes to Transportation for Gr. K-1:  “Notification Change Slips” will be delivered to Kinder & 1st Grade teachers before dismissal.
    • Changes to Transportation for Gr. 2-8:  Parents must remind / notify their child of any transportation changes, before leaving home, as needed. No slips are provided for them.
  • Last Minute Dismissal Changes- become the parent’s responsibility: if this occurs, come to the school, at least 15 minutes prior to dismissal for parking, & wait outside their classroom / bus.

  • Office staff cannot assist in these cases. Students should not be called out of class early for this reason.

    PLEASE NOTE:  Due to budget cuts, no transportation changes are feasible if Transportation Liaison is absent due to illness, vacations, or emergencies. 

           Thanks in advance for your understanding & cooperation.