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La Jolla High School

Important Information:

If you have more than one child at LJHS please buy the items that each child needs under their own name. Do not buy items under sibling 1’s name if sibling 2 needs them. This means you will have to sign in more than once using that specific child’s student ID number and name.


Log onto the LJHS Webstore at https://webstores.activenetwork.com/school-software/la_jolla_high_school/ 

*Username: Student ID Number
**Password: first initial and last name

* Your child should know their student ID #. If your child is coming to LJH from another school in the San Diego Unified School District s/he will keep the same student ID# that was assigned to them at their old school. If your child is coming to LJHS from a school outside of San Diego Unified School District they will receive a student ID# on their registration day.
** Password uses all lower case.
Example1: John Smith = jsmith
Example 2: Adam Jones-Santos = ajones-santos

If you have any questions please contact LJHS Finance Clerk Rose Eckermann at reckermann@sandi.net