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Summer School Information

SDUSD Summer School Information 

SUMMER SCHOOL WEBSITE:  https://powerschoolsummer.sandi.net/public/home.html

Summer School phone line. 619-260-2460 - Option 3 *available 9:00am to 1:00pm

Email summer school questions to iHighSummerSchool@sandi.net

Check student schedules at https://powerschoolsummer.sandi.net/public

Summer School for 2020 will be taking place virtually using district-issued Chromebooks and Edgenuity online courses.  Students will complete all work at home and will not be reporting to a school site.

Counselors have already pre-enrolled any students into summer school who currently have an “F” this semester or have an “F” on their transcript.  A summer school online registration and opt-out form will be sent to all enrolled students after May 25th.

Students will begin courses on Monday, June 22nd and must be completed by July 31st.

If a student does not have a district issued computer, you may go to Clairemont High School, Hoover High School, Lincoln High School or San Diego High School. They are open from 9:00 am-4:00 pm as Device Exchange and Distribution Centers. Any district student or family member may go to the center closest to their house to receive a new device or exchange a broken device.


How will the classes appear on my student's transcript?

  • A "D"/"F" grade will never be erased from a transcript; all original classes and grades are listed on transcripts.
  • If a student repeats the same course (same level/course number) in our district and earns a "C" or better, the original grade will be suppressed (taken out of the GPA calculation). 

How does my student apply? 

  • Students and parents must complete the application by filing out the top of the form, choosing a school site, and signing the bottom. Counselors will verify coursework needed. PLEASE NOTE:
    • Students must choose to work online OR in a classroom.
    • Two classes per summer session. 
    • Science classes are not offered online. 
    • First semester math classes are only offered online.
    • Online classes require some days of attendance including the first day, proctored midterm, and proctored final exam. Students may choose to attend a school site each day to complete the online coursework on the other days (or work off-site to complete daily assignments).
    • NCAA eliglble students should not take online credit recovery courses.

What if my student wants to "get ahead" and advance in a particular subject area?

  • Students should first consult with their counselor to find out if this is possible.
  • Our district does not offer first-time (enrichment) coursework, with the exception of English as Second Language development. 
  • A student may opt to take a non-graduation requirement off-campus for enrichment. Please note that this would not be factored into a student's SDUSD GPA. In some cases, elective credit may be earned and our registrar should be consulted prior for clarification. Please note, colleges will ask for original transcripts from all schools attended so students can provide those records to show proof of completion. 
  • Counselors may approve qualified students (with parent/guardian permission, who are 16 or over, and meet certain criteria) to complete approved community college coursework during summers. This requires consultation and permission from our school site and paperwork can be found in the counseling office. Please note that not all community college courses are approved for articulated (high school) graduation credits.

For more details, see this handout: Remediation and Enrichment