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Senior Appeals

Senior Appeals Process:

Any senior that has had his/her senior privileges revoked for disciplinary or attendance reasons has the right to appeal the loss of those privileges. Upon losing privileges, students and their parent/guardian will be notified of the appeal process.
1) Students that have had their senior privileges revoked will be given notice in writing they must write a letter of explanation and defense as to why their privileges were revoked.
2) Once the letter is submitted, students will be assigned a time in which they will appear before the appeals panel. The appeals panel will take place on the first Wednesday of April after Spring Break. The appeals panel consists of Vice Principal(s), ASB advisor(s), and a counselor.
3) At the appeals panel students will verbally explain the reason their privileges were revoked and describe why they believe they should have their privileges re-instated.
4) The student will be asked to rank the senior privileges from most to least important.

     a. Walking through the graduation ceremony
     b. Prom
     c. Senior Breakfast
     d. Senior signing party

5) After all appeals are heard the panel will then decide which student’s privileges will be reinstated, if any.
Furthermore, seniors will be denied participation in graduation exercises and other senior activities for zero tolerance violations or activities resulting in a five-day suspension during the senior year. A senior with a suspension of less than five days must appeal to the school’s Senior Appeals Committee to determine his/her level of participation in senior activities. Seniors suspended for alcohol or controlled substance violations will automatically forfeit the Prom in addition to any other activities as determined by the site Senior Appeals Committee.