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Walk the path to financial aid!   Follow the path to getting money for college!

Financial Aid Classroom Presentation, October 2016: Paying for College - October 2016
Mrs. Dowley's 10/6/16 Financial Aid presentation: Financial Aid - October 2016
Updated 10-19-15---Mrs. Dowley's Financial Aid Presentation, fall 2015: College Night #2 - Financial Aid - October 2015.pptx
And here are some other great links!
1) FinAid
2) CalSOAP website
3) Check Naviance under the "colleges" tab.   
3) FAFSA and DreamACT
4) The College Grants Database
6) SD County Office of Ed Scholarships
7) CSS Profile
Other Resources...
The Simple Dollar Education Archives: Website
National Association of Financial Aid Administrators: Website for Families and Students