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Five Simple Steps to Enroll at La Jolla HS

STEP 1. Determine Eligibility to Enroll

Enrollment is required for two types of new students:

  1. TRANSFER STUDENTS - Transfer students live in the LJHS boundary but attended charter or private schools in the 2019-2020 school year. Please use SchoolFinder to determine if you live in the La Jolla HS Boundary. If you do, proceed to Step 2.
  2. CHOICE STUDENTS - Choice students are accepted by SDUSD's Choice Program who live outside the La Jolla HS Boundary and are pre-approved to attend LJHS. Proceed to Step 2 if you have already recieved an approval letter from SDUSD Choice Program and have already confirmed the student's attendance with LJHS enrollment staff. If you do not live in the LJHS boundary and have not recieved approval from the Choice program, please refer to the Choice Program website to determine your eligibility.

STEP 2. Complete Required Enrollment Forms

Download each required  form to and save it to your computer. Then, complete each form and save the completed form. If you are using a Windows computer, right-click on each required for and 

Required enrollment forms must be completed by all Choice or Transfer students entering LJHS, even if they have previously attended a SDUSD school. If the left-most column in the table below says "Required", then the form must be downloaded and submitted electronically.

Fillable forms are not generally fillable and save-able while in a web browser. To complete a fillable form, first download and save the form to your computer, then open Adobe Reader and complete the downloaded form. Don't forget to save the document frequently to ensure you don't lose your work. 

We are not able to accept paper or faxed enrollment forms at this time due to our campus being closed.

Some of the forms below are not fillable electronically. When a form is not electronically fillable, please print it out and complete it in blue or black pen. Then, capture the completed form using a free smartphone app such as Microsoft Lens, CamScanner

Required /
SDUSD Provided Form / DocumentEasy Form
9th Grade10th Grade11th Grade12th Grade
RequiredForm: PreK - Grade 12 EnrollmentEasy-Fill PDF
Form Packet
[Use Adobe
Reader for
RequiredForm: Health Information Exchange ConsentEspanolXXXX
RequiredForm: Immunization FormEspanol (pg 2)XXXX
RequiredForm: Universal FormEspanolXXXX
RequiredForm: Home Language SurveyEspanolXXXX
RequiredForm: Request for Records  XXXX
RequiredAdditional Document: Student photo  XXXX
RequiredAdditional DocumentCurrent Proof of Residency (SDG&E Bill, Water Bill, Renters Agreement, or Mortgage Document) Current is within 3 months of current date.  XXXX
RequiredAdditional Document: Immunization records  XXXX
RequiredAdditional Document: Students transcripts from 7th Grade
(or current grade) at 19-20 school attended
RequiredAdditional Document: Birth Certificate or Passport      
Additional Document: If applicable these must be provided, e.g., 504's, IEP's      
Legal Documents (E.g., Court generated restaining orders, custody documents)      
Biomed Program Application (9th grade only)  X   
Information OnlyCourse Request Card (see grade specific card to prepare for Counselor appointment) --->  XXXX

STEP 3. Complete Conditionally Required Enrollment Forms

Some forms do not apply to all students. Please look closely at all the Conditionally Required forms in the table above. If this situation or condition applies to you, download and complete the form(s).

STEP 4. Gather Additional Documentation

Gather additionally required documents such as proof of residency, transfer grade transcripts, and health records. These documents must in one of the common file formats: JPG, PDF, DOC, DOCX, PNG. If you cannot provide documents in one of these formats, please contact our enrollment team via email, ljhsenroll@sandi.net.

STEP 5. Submit All Forms and Documents

Enrollment cannot begin until ALL forms are completed, SIGNED, and emailed to ljhsenroll@sandi.netIn the subject line, enter "Enrollment for <Student Name>". Example: Enrollment for John F Kennedy. Attach all forms to an email, and if possible, do not send a link to the form you've saved on a virtual file service (e.g., Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox, etc).

After all enrollment forms are recieved and processed, the primary contact (usually a parent/guardian) will be contacted by:

  • the school nurse for immunization and health information/records,
  • the school registrar for transcript records or other information, and 
  • one of the counselors to select classes. 

Please allow 5 business days to process your enrollment package. If we have not contacted you within 5 business days, feel free to send us an email at ljhsenroll@sandi.net.