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COVID-19 Response Announcements

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La Jolla High School sent the following email announcements in response to COVID-19 and school closure. If you are not recieving these messages via email, please sign-up for a parent portal account, or send an email to Steve Durham including your students name, ID#, along with the parent/guardian name and email address(es).

We also encourage you to regularly check the San Diego Unified School District COVID-19 website for the latest information.

 3/12/2020  COVID-19 Coronavirus Being Monitored
 3/13/2020 News Release: State’s Two Largest School Districts Announce Plans To Prevent Spread of COVID-19
 3/13/2020 La Jolla High School Announces Closure
 3/16/2020 Community College Course Updates
 3/17/2020 School Closure Update: Online and broadcast educational resources are becoming available
 3/17/2020 Community Member Tested Positive
 3/18/2020 Follow-up to Community Member Tested Positive
 3/20/2020  Distance Learning, College Classes and AP Testing
 3/24/2020  News Release: San Diego Unified Transitions to Distance Learning on April 6, Full Implementation Set for April 27 
 3/27/2020LJHS Technology Survey - All parents requested to completed this survey.
 4/5/2020 Distance Learning Update: Email from our Principal regarding Soft Start, Access to Computer / Internet
 District Distance Learning Plan Poster
 4//10/2020 Distance Learning Update: Email from our Principal regarding of Distance Learning Schedule, Flex Days, Critical Contact Info,  Access to Campus, Counseling Info.
 4/12/2020UPDATE: Computer Pick-Up at Clairemont, Math Support with ALEKS
 4/23/2020 UPDATE: Computer Pickup (4/24 is last day), Teaching Schedules, ALEKS Math
 6/5/2020 UPDATE - Community Information