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Counselor Contact Information

The best way to contact your student's counselor is by email. In most cases, counselors are meeting with students and parents, and are unable to answer their phones directly. However, you are also welcome to leave a phone message.
If you have specific questions about grades in your student's courses or would like to set up a parent/teacher conference, it is best to contact the teachers directly. Counselors do not have specific information pertaining to the student's individual grades. Teacher contact information can be accessed here.
Most grades and attendance are posted on PowerSchool Parent Portal here. Also, parents and students are encouraged to check the teachers' websites for more information concerning their specific course information.
Ms. Noemi Aguilar
Counseling Secretary
(858) 634-8000 x3024 
Mrs. Kirsley Tate
Students with last names A - E
(858) 634-8000 x3059
Mrs. Heather Rains
Students with last names F - L
(858) 634-8000 x3058
Mrs. Peggy Jo Holly
Students with last names M - Se
(858) 454-3081 x2216
Mrs. Kristen Salehi
Students with last names Sh - Z
(858) 634-8000 x3056
Ms. Shawn Dee Hartless
(858) 634-8000 x3045
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