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Clubs-Fall 2017


Club NamePresidentMeeting LocationMeeting Time
Academic League/Quiz BowlDax Duong507Lunch Thurs
Amnesty InternationalMeg Young511Lunch Every Other Thurs
Animal ActRebecca Guha-RoyLibraryLunch First Wed
AP ArtCameron Hickman304Lunch Thurs
AP PhysicsWesley Luu903After School Thurs
ASLBella Nowak302Lunch First Thurs
AVIDGenevieve Juarez503Lunch Tues
Beach Clean UpDaniel Petroski912Lunch Fri
Black Student UnionEphrata Abate307Lunch Every Other Wed
Building NepalSydney Pastore510Lunch Mon
CARESerena Jones510Lunch Every Other Friday
Care Systems and Fire LizardsPreston Laos507After School Fri
CaringNatasha Goldberger906Lunch First Thurs
Casas for a CauseAudrey Tsai517Lunch Every Other Mon
ChessDax Duong510Lunch Wed
ChlobandsChloe Alexander517Lunch First Wed
Circle of FriendsEmmy Pohlman301Lunch Mon
Class of 2018Julianna Love803Lunch First Tues
Class of 2019Avery Kotler803Lunch First Mon
Class of 2020AJ Cortina803Lunch First Wed
Class of 2021Austin Kingston803Lunch First Thurs
CSFNathan Miller304Lunch Mon
Cuber (Rubix Cube)Soren Larsen912Lunch Every Other Thurs
Cure4ClimateRebecca Epner910Lunch Every Other Mon
DramaKevyn Fernandez401Lunch Fri
Dungeons and DragonsEmerson Suter910Lunch Wed
Entrepreneurship (MIT)Alex Levine515Lunch Fridays
Environmental ActionKayla Nitahara906Lunch 1st and 3rd Tues
French ClubRachel Bucon910Lunch Thursday
Friends of the AmazonEvan Gold511Lunch Wed
FundraisingIan Dickinson910Lunch Thurs
Gender Sexuality Alliance +Sahra Aalaei804Lunch Mon
GIDASSi Young Kim704Lunch Every Other Tues
Global OutreachMason Kellogg308Lunch Every Other Thurs
Hand Up and Bakyard BountyAurora de Tagyos701Lunch Mon
Illustration: Creation and InstructionAntonia Lacerda913Lunch Tues
ImprovJackson Piccirillo401Lunch/Afterschool Mon and Thurs
InteractNora Joyce907Lunch Tues
International ClubBernardo Trejo503Lunch First Mon
Jew CrewShu Shu Crevoshay502Lunch Frirst Friday
Jewish Student UnionDan Grushkevich401Lunch Thurs
Junior States of AmericaMaya Landsberg306Lunch Tues
KeyNatalia Garcia503Lunch Thursday
La Jolla Composing ClubBrandon RobertsGymLunch First Wed
LatinAnna Romstad510Lunch Tues
Linux ProgrammingCameron Reikes916Lunch Every Other Thurs
LJ Girl UpIsha Raj-Silverman502Lunch
LJ HacksAlex Levine515Lunch Mon
LJHS CommunityAlexandra Backlund901Lunch Every Other Mon
Locally GrownAriella Shamir304Lunch Tuesday
M.E.Ch.A.Karen Vazquez502Lunch Wed
Make-A-WishGiorgia Micolaou906Lunch Mon
MarinersCaitlyn Maisel503Lunch Wed
Math TeamSi Young Kim904Lunch Wed
Mock TrialMax Leonard310Lunch Mon/Tues After School
Model United NationsAspen Pastore308Lunch Weds
Mormon ClubKJ Nuckles311Lunch Every Other Friday
NCHS (Mental Health Awareness)Yassi Mesri803Lunch 2nd and 4th Thursday
Paws and ClawsLuke CepuracLibraryLunch Every Other Thurs
PIÑACarmen Ramirez511Lunch Every Other Wed
Ping PongNico NunezSmall GymLunch Tuesdays
Race to RescueDasha MacAuslan906Lunch Tues
Re-SurfLuca Soltero910Lunch First Mon
Red CrossGhyanka Mendoza908Lunch Fri
Science ClubAiden Jauffret-Opilka903Lunch Thurs
Science OlympiadMadison Leone517Lunch Tues
Speech and DebateDax DuongLibraryAfter School Mon
Sports AnalyticsAlex Monell511Lunch Fri
Stocks and FinanceMitchell Morrison702Lunch Tues
Take a MinuteYassi MesriOutside the GymLunch every 2nd and 4th Wed
Technology Student AssociationAlex Levine902Lunch Tuesdays
The EddaMeg Young513Lunch Every Other Tues
The ResistanceRebecca Saul910Lunch Fri
Thespian TroupeZoe TrudeauTheatreLunch Every Other Mon
U TouchJoyce Passananti517Lunch Tues
VEX RoboticsAlex Levine515Lunch Thursdays
Vikings for VeteransFinn WalshLibraryLunch Wed
Vikings RoboticsMax Apodaca403 (Sat), 908 (Wed)Lunch Wed/Saturdays

LJHS Club Handbook 17-18

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