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Cheating FAQs

Why was this section of the web site created?

The Governance Committee and Executive Board of the PTA have been alerted about incidents of academic dishonesty over the past few years. When results from the Josephson Institute indicated that cheating was a problem at every high school surveyed, including La Jolla High School, it was clear that more work was needed to deal with the issue. Research and discussion involving the administration, parents and students, resulted in the creation of this site by the Governance Committee as a pilot program in the spring of 2009.

What is the point of having this section?

Many students will not report their classmates, but are willing to alert teachers anonymously about the cheating methods being used in the classroom.

What is the overall purpose of this section?

The intentions of this section are to raise awareness among students and teachers of cheating, to give students another way to alert teachers, and to provide teachers an ongoing source of information about cheating that may be occurring in their classrooms.

Is this the only way for students to report cheating?

No. Students who witness cheating may still report the cheating incident to their teachers, counselors and administrators.

Why can't students' names be typed into the reporting form?

The option of an open space for names would encourage false entries which could put honest students at risk.

Aren't teachers at risk too by the submission of false reports?

No. No one else will see the individual reports. Teachers are encouraged to use the reports only as an aid to learn what cheating methods are being used in their classroom.

What happens to the results?

Reports will be sent to the individual teachers. An aggregate of results will be available for the Governance Committee to see without teachers' names in order to determine if the site is being used.