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LJES Run /Walk Club

Come run for fun with us each morning before school on the Upper Field from 8:00 to 8:15 am. Walk/Run Club is open to Grades 1-5, teachers, and parents. 

LJES Student LapTarcker Run Club Procedures:
1.  Go to the benches near the pathway by the upper field.
2.  Find the box with your room number on it.
3.  Locate your card and take it with you as you walk/jog/run laps around the field.
4.  At the end of each lap stop, hold your card with the barcode facing out and get it scanned by a volunteer.
5.  When the 1st bell rings stop running and file your card in the box with your room number on it.
6.  Report to your lines.

Star Behaviors at Run Club:
1.  When locating your card make sure all cards stay in your classroom's box.  Do not dump out the box on the bench or ground.
2.  Stay on the track:  Go around the cones and around the back of the kickball field backstop.  No cutting or knocking down cones.
3.  Keep all body parts to yourself.  No chasing, racing, tag or rough play.
4.  Keep cards in good condition:  do not throw, bend or scratch off the barcode (the scanner will not be able to read it).
5.  1 scan per lap.
6.  No extra laps after the 1st bell.
For more information about our amazing Student LapTracker program, please click here
Questions? Please contact Coach Kelly Wiskus at  kwiskus@sandi.net