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Field Trip Chaperone Responsibilities

Thank you for agreeing to be a field trip chaperone.  If it weren’t for parents volunteering in this role, we would not be able to provide these enriching extensions of the curriculum.

We need all parents to consistently follow the LJES policy set below:

v  Field trip chaperones are expected to be in professional and appropriate dress. The chaperone is acting in the role of another teacher and should be dressed accordingly.

v  Arrive promptly to the classroom at the designated time so that the teacher can give you your assigned “group” and can give you information about the particulars of your responsibilities on the trip.

v  If driving, ensure that students use safety belts properly (over the shoulder, not under the armpit) and that they are respectful passengers that allow you to focus on careful driving.

v  Once there, help students participate in the field trip program by making sure they are on task, listening attentively, following directions, and completing the activities assigned.

v  Chaperones are responsible for the behavior of the students in their group. This means that the students are a polite audience, respect property, clean up after themselves, follow the “rules” of the place they are visiting, and never run around or act in an unruly way.

v  Please ensure that your students stay with you at all times. If it is a trip where students need to walk from place to place, please ensure that you stay with your group – do not allow students to go from one place to another unsupervised.

v  If a student needs to use a restroom, please send the student with a buddy (unless a group is in the facility at the same time).

v  It is important to have a cell phone on you at all times in the event of an emergency, but please do not use it to engage in business or personal matters while supervising children and do not take phone calls or text while driving.

v  Please do not take students into gift shops.  Students are not allowed to purchase anything while on a field trip. Please do not purchase food items, drinks, or gift shop items for your child or for your group.

v  Meet promptly at the area designated by the teacher for lunch or departure.

v  All chaperones must return promptly to school.  They cannot take extra time at the field trip destination or make stops on the way back to school.