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4th and 5th Grade Band

Your 4th and 5th grade child has the opportunity to take instrumental music at school this year. Classes will meet twice a week during school hours.  Your child attended an assembly where the following instruments were demonstrated:       Violin      Flute       Trumpet      Viola       Clarinet      Trombone      Cello      Alto Saxophone      Baritone

The instrument selected to study may be purchased or rented from music stores. A complete list of music stores will be sent home after this form is returned and we meet with the students.

Beginning students should not obtain instruments before consulting with the music teacher.

Once your child makes the commitment to instrumental music, he or she will be expected to remain in the program for the entire school year.  Students will need to come to class prepared with their instrument and music book. Eventually your child should be prepared to practice for twenty minutes a day.

Research has shown that students involved in the study of music education do well in other subject areas, especially mathematics.  We strongly emphasize the value of music education and look forward to seeing your child in class!  Please contact me if you have any questions.

Mr. David Rouillard   619-772-2361   drouillard@sandi.net

MON. and WED.

8:30-9:00 4th grade Strings
9:00-9:30 4th grade Band
9:30-10:00 5th grade Strings
10:00-10:30 5th grade Band