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The Math Department is composed by:
                - 6th Grade Common Core Math
Jonathan Hill - 6th Grade Common Core Math
Danielle Helewa - 6th Grade Applied Math
- 7th Grade Common Core Math
TBD - 7th & 8th Grade Common Core Math
 - 7th & 8th Grade Applied Math
 - 8th Grade Common Core Math

This year all math classes are following the Common Core Pathway.  Next year we plan to introduce the Accelerated Common Core Pathway to our advanced students. Criteria for placement will be based on the Math Readiness Assessment given at the end of the year, math grades, and SBAC Assessment results.

In addition to the Common Core Pathway, Alyssa Baginski, Danielle Helewa, Jonathan Hill, Bryan Love, and Patricia Manns are involved with GEARing UP for Mathematics for All and will be implementing a variety of critical skills, strategies, and tools to enhance student learning.