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In order to maintain a balance between student safety and well-being and keeping a learning environment free from distractions, students may bring cell phones but may not use them on campus before, during or after school, unless under the approval and supervision of Knox staff.

The use of cell phones during school hours is strictly prohibited.  The device must be turned off (not on vibrate nor silent) and must be kept out of sight.  Students in violation of this policy will have their device confiscated to be returned to a parent or guardian.  Repeated unauthorized use of cell phones may lead to further disciplinary action, including denial of ability to bring cell phone to school.


Consequences that may result for cell phone policy violation:

  • 1st Occurrence – Detention and Confiscation
  • 2nd Occurrence – Detention and denial of privilege to bring phone to school
  • 3rd Occurrence and continuous infractions – Student may be suspended along with other consequences