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Angela Lopez


Mr. McDonnell


World History, Per.-1


17 April 2014
CTA’s Professional Writing Standards

I.  All papers should have your name, teacher’s name, class/period and date in the left hand corner of the first page
(*see example at the top of this page).


II.  Typed:

a.       Double spaced for essays, reports, proposals, etc.

b.      Single spaced for business letters and memos

c.       Font is Times New Roman or Times like the font on this example

d.      Font size is 12 pt.

e.       Margins are one inch picture frame

f.        Indent new paragraphs 5 spaces

g.       Use black ink

h.      Spacing after periods should be consistent, one or two


III.  No misspelled words


IV.  Standard English and grammar


V.  Proper citation:  Whenever you use another person’s words or ideas you must cite the source.  See examples on the following pages or reference the MLA Handbook


VI.  Papers that require a works cited page should follow the MLA Handbook