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PLTW-SDSU Preffered Admissions

Letter From San Diego State University, College of Engineering Regarding the Preferred Admissions Program:

After sharing an email on Wednesday, Aug. 29, regarding the Project Lead The Way (PLTW) Preferred Admissions Program ending, we received a number of messages from students, parents and school district partners expressing concerns and confusion about what this change means and how PLTW students can remain qualified to be admitted into San Diego State University.
First, we deeply regret that we communicated this change without sharing full details, and we sincerely apologize for the confusion it created. Second, our goal today is to clarify our previous communication, address your questions and concerns, and provide a path for you to contact us with any additional questions.
We also want to affirm that SDSU is committed to keeping you informed of additional developments in the coming months.
Regarding the new change: Effective August 2018, PLTW National officially removed the roles and partnership with affiliate universities across the country, including SDSU. This change means that SDSU is no longer able to offer PLTW programming.
What this means to you: Students will still be able to access the curriculum in their high schools. Also, SDSU will continue to offer additional admissions consideration to all local, qualified applicants.
  • For 2018-2019 high school seniors: Effective August 31, seniors who meet the existing criteria for SDSU admission through PLTW will be grandfathered into the program and will not be held to any new qualifications.
  • For juniors, sophomores, and freshmen: PLTW course offerings will still remain available to students, and students can still choose to participate. These courses also remain beneficial. The PLTW curriculum provides students with an exceptional foundation and also technical skills necessary to pursue studies in STEM majors at SDSU and elsewhere, and also internships.
Additionally, SDSU will engage with school district personnel and other community leaders over the coming months to establish a revised local admission policy so that we can continue to help ensure that highly qualified local students achieve both admission into SDSU and academic success that leads to college graduation.
Here, we would also like to address some of the specific questions raised since Wednesday by parents, students and our school district partners:
Q: Are seniors being locked out of SDSU due to this decision?
A: No. Current seniors, members of the class of 2019, will still be supported through the PLTW Preferred Admissions Program, and will be the last group to participate in the program.  
Q: I was promised admission into SDSU and the College of Engineering. Does this mean I will not be admitted?
A: Enrollment in the PLTW Preferred Admissions Program did not include a promise to be automatically admitted to the university, but preferred consideration was offered during the admissions process. Today, SDSU is working diligently to develop an admissions process and policy that is fair and equitable to all local, qualified students.
Q: I am a sophomore/junior — does this mean I will not be admitted into SDSU?
A: No, that is not correct. SDSU will continue to offer preferred consideration to all local, qualified applicants.
Q: Why has this change happened? Why is the program ending?
A: At the end of summer 2018, PLTW National officially removed the roles and partnership with affiliate universities across the country, including SDSU. As a result, SDSU is no longer able to offer the program.
Q: What other support is SDSU offering?
A: SDSU still offers many programs and services designed to help students prepare for success before, during and after college life. SDSU will continue to provide PLTW students with academic advising support to ensure they can be successful.
It is important to understand that the discontinuation of the PLTW Preferred Admissions Program for students interested in the College of Engineering does not remove the opportunity for local students to gain admission to SDSU.
Also, while the PLTW policy change is unfortunate, it allows us the opportunity to design an improved policy to help qualified students gain access to SDSU and ensure their success once they arrive, whether in the College of Engineering or a different program of choice. As we move forward under this new change, we are committed to providing access to SDSU to help ensure the success of students.
Lastly, we encourage all families and students with questions about SDSU’s admissions or enrollment to contact SDSU’s Prospective Student Center via 619-594-6336, 855-594-6336 (Toll Free) and admissions@sdsu.edu. The center has a team of specialists who specifically support students from California.
Dean Eugene Olevsky
College of Engineering
Theresa M. Garcia
Assistant Dean of Student Affairs for Engineering
College of Engineering
Michelle Bunn
Director, SDSU College of Engineering Femineer® Program
Director, SDSU College of Engineering STEM Outreach
College of Engineering