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Linked Learning Certification

School of Engineering, Innovation and Design
Connect Ed Certification Ceremony
June 6, 2011
Of the hundreds of Linked Learning pathways being implemented in California, CTA has the distinction of being the second to achieve Linked Learning Certification in the San Diego Unified School District. 
Linked Learning transforms students' high school experience by bringing together strong academics, demanding technical education, and real-world experience to help students gain an advantage in high school, post-secondary education and careers.  In the Linked Learning approach, students follow industry-themed pathways in a wide range of fields, such as construction, architecture, and engineering.  These pathways connect learning with students' interests and career aspirations, leading to higher graduation rates, increased post-secondary enrollments, higher earning potential and greater civic engagement.
ConnectEd California - Linked Learning
Linked Learning is the new name for the educational approach formerly known in California as "multiple pathways." After extensive public opinion research, the schools and organizations implementing this approach selected the Linked Learning name to more clearly convey its unique benefits to students, educators, parents and policymakers.