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Strength and Conditioning work outs are available in theweight room with Coach Peisner & Coach Ahwazi.


Before School - T, W, Th @ 7:30am


After School - T, W, Th, F @ 3:30pm


This club is for all students (athletes, Fitness Gramtraining, PE Make-Up, or personal improvement).


See coaches for more information.

During the weeks the school office is closed, requests for transcripts/report cards/education verifications can be made in person at the Quality Assurance Office, 4100 Normal Street, Annex 10 between the hours of 8:00 am– 4:00 pm, calling 619-725-7211, faxing 619-725-8097, or emailing qualityassurance@sandi.net.


my.sandi.net: Students can now access their files from any computer with internet.  Students may login using his or her StudentConnect password at https://my.sandi.net

Tutors Needed:  Tutors needed for the Linda Vista Homework Helpers. Sign up with VolunteerMatch, go to http://www.volunteermatch.org and search "Homework Help Tutor" for details...or stop by the Linda Vista Library next Wednesday from 5:30 to 7:00 PM - 2160 Ulric Street, San Diego, CA 92111 (858) 573-1399.  Start accummulating your volunteer hours!
Counseling Corner:  The Counseling Corner web page has been updated with a lot of useful information from San Diego CalSOAP link to FAFSA link.  Click here to visit the Counseling Corner
Outside Food & Drinks:  There is NO OUTSIDE FOOD and DRINKS allowed on campus.  For example: cake, cupcakes, cookies to celebrate birthdays or Starbucks coffee, etc.  Outside food and drinks will be confiscated and kept in the office until after school. 
Late Activity Bus Pass Policy and Schedule:  Students who ride the 4:30 PM bust must have a standard pass signed by school personnel.  These passes are given out only to students who are on campus in tutoring, sports (participating, not observing) or in a club until 4:20 PM.  The 5:30 PM bus is for CURRENT athletes.  Our campus security personnel will no longer honor passes from students who remain for tutoring or other activities unless previous arrangements have been made through an administrator and our security assistants.
4:30 PM:               Route A1                                           Route B1
                           Ibarra Elem.                                       Hawthorne Elem.
                           Oak Park Elem.                                   Clairemont High
                           Euclide Ave & Guymon St.                    North Park Elem.
                           Knox Elem.                                         Edison Elem.
                           Skyline Dr. & S.61st St.                        Joyner Elem.
                           Brooklyn Ave. & 65th St.                      Rowan Elem.
                           Audobon Elem.                                    Einstein Academy
                           Paradise Valley Rd. & Deep Dell Rd.       Logan Elem.
                           Tooma St. & Casey St.                          Chavez Elem.
                           Paradise Hills Elementary   

5:40 PM:                Route A2                                          Route B2:

                             Ibarra Elem.                                     Hawthorne Elem.
                             Oak Park Elem.                                 Clairemont High
                             Euclid Ave & Guymon St.                   North Park Elem.
                             Knox Elem.                                      Edison Elem.
                             Skyline Dr. & S. 61st. St.                   Orange Ave. & Marlborough
                             Brooklyn Ave. & 65th St.                   Joyner Elem.
                             Audobon Elem.                                Rowan Elem.
                             Paradise Valley Rd. & Deep Dell Rd.   Einstein Academy
                             Tooma St. & Casey St.                      Logan Elem.
                                                                                   Chavez Elem.

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