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EID Students, Teachers Awarded at College Career Awards Ceremony

Students and teachers at EID unveiled multiple projects at the Annual CCTE Awards Ceremony held on June 1, 2016.

Our eleventh-grade project--plans to repurpose San Diego's old downtown library to a center for veterans--won 2nd Place.

Sophomores Joseph Macy and Ethan Willians won 2nd place in the Nick Cannon Ignite competition for developing a product and business plan.

"The purpose of the Ignite competion was to help students start their own businesses," said Ethan Williams. "I learned quite a bit about starting a business, and it's relatveily difficult and time-consuming."

"For the project, we designed and manufactured RC cars with integrated bluetooth speakers because I've always wanted to share the music I love," said Joseph Macy.

EID hosted a total of four booths at the competion, filling-up close to half of the venue. In addition to the veterans' center project, EID brought projects for ROV, CANPassion and Watt's Up.

EID's award-winning robotics team were featured as well

Emily Liebenberg, English teacher in the eleventh grade team, said "our kids were incredible and I'm so proud of them."

"They were so confident, well spoken, and enthusiastic. It's always my favorite night of the year because we get to see the best of the best," Liebenberg added.


The CCTE Showcase is an annual culminating event for students to exhibit their real-world projects. Throughout the project design and implementation process, students collaborate with industry mentors to ensure authenticity. Some project examples include biomedical solutions, game design apps for education, automotive innovations, and robotics. Other showcase events include a City of San Diego-sponsored student Video Film Festival Competition and a Photography Contest.