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EID Recognized for Environmental Leadership

Kearny EID’s freshmen won first place at this year's Energy Conservation Competition.

Fifty-one schools participated in 2016 and Kearny EID won--again--for the third year in a row. 

EID received recognition as a school of environmental leaders at the Green Careers Conference held on May 20, 2016.

With EID's leadership, Keary High Complex was able to reduce energy consumption by 15.3 % below baseline.

The second-place school reduced their energy consumption 8%.

EID students also presented Kearny's Climate Action Plan, incorporating baseline energy consumption data, waste and water quality metrics and recommendations for future conservation.

The team wasn't finished.

The 9th grade team also presented Green Tech class projects:

  • wind turbine
  • solar panel installation
  • electrical circuit boards

Jessica Frichtel, project teacher, congratulated the up-and-coming conservationists by proclaiming: "Go ahead and keep the lights off because we shine SO bright!"