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Bridges to Education Program

EID is honored to pilot the "Bridges to Education Program" and to be featured in the documentary that was showcased at an International Film Festival this year. We feel tremendous pride that our students are working on solving authentic problems in society and have created a strong reputation as a leading Linked Learning School in San Diego.  The “Bridges to Education Program” is a civic engagement and educational initiative launched in 2015 by San Diego City Council President Sherri Lightner, in which the City of San Diego actively collaborates with schools in the San Diego Unified School District to provide students with real-world, STEM-based civic projects to supplement their school curricula. The goal of the Program is to provide high school and middle school students with real-world civic tasks normally addressed by the city, for which students can create and present solutions, and see potential real-world results and applications. The Program also provides City employees with the opportunity to mentor and connect to youth in our community, and help foster the next generation of civic leaders.  This is your school and your work! Celebrate!

Please view the video here