Kearny School of Science, Connections & Technology students, Claire Lytle, Geryka Fortunato and Jamielynn Leano presented at the 2018 California Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (CAHPERD) State Conference in Oakland, California on February 23rd.

San Diego Unified School District’s PE resource teacher, Lynn Barnes-Wallace along with Kearny SCT teachers, Corri-Anne Burgess (GIS), Daina Weber (English) and Jennifer Ogo (Biology) have created a cross curricular, multi-grade and multi-year project to engage high school students in the importance of wellness. GIS (geographic information systems) students have been tabulating, mapping and analyzing student BMI data to better understand the relationship between early elementary to high school wellness. This data is being used to implement healthy strategies at younger ages, increasing the awareness of the importance of overall wellness and pushing policy changes at both the school and District level. Kearny SCT students are designing elementary school fitness curriculum that incorporates not only movement but the health and science content that goes along with it. The goal is to excite and educate elementary school students while giving high school students the opportunity to enhance their knowledge of wellness and empower them to make change.

Check out this story map that outlines the project: