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Ms. Andi Frost
Vice Principal - Kearny SCT
858-496-8370 x2501
A message from Vice Principal Frost:

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire

                                                       - William Butler Yeats

As an educator, it is my duty to continually stoke the embers for students who already realize the transformative magic of education and help light the fire for students who are not already ignited with the thrill and passion for learning.  I believe passionately in the power and promise of public education, and am honored that I work to fulfill this promise as Vice Principal of the School of Science, Connections & Technology (SCT), at Kearny High School. 

SCT is a school focused on the Biomedical Pathway, and it is filled with dedicated teachers, and staff members, who work diligently to ensure that dynamic and purposeful learning takes place daily.  As a small school, we get to know each student quickly, and we work as a cohesive team to meet the academic, and socio-emotional needs of each one of our students.

Please contact me, with any questions, comments, or needs you may have.   Even if your current needs are simply trying to figure out the new world  -- the world of high school -- that your student is now a part of.

Thank you for entrusting me, and the SCT team, with your young adult.


Andi Frost