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Stewart, Eric

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  • estewart1@sandi.net

  • (858) 221-5300 x2505

  • Classes: History, Global and Political Economic Decisions (GLOPED), and Government/Economics


  1. World History

  2. Government/Economics

  3. Government/Economics

  4. Prep


 Mr. Eric Stewart

Mr. Stewart was born and raised in San Diego. He attended both Helix High and St. Augustine High School. Mr. Stewart comes from a lineage of teachers as his father was a teacher and his mother both a teacher and a principal.
Education and athletics have always been most important to Mr. Stewart. He played football in high school and also played in college at California State University Chico where he earned a B.S. in Social Science. Mr. Stewart has also earned a Masters Degree in Teaching.
Since 2003 Mr. Stewart found the perfect balance of teaching and athletics while playing rugby for OMBAC Rugby Club here in San Diego. Nowadays, besides teaching, the most important things in life to Mr. Stewart are his family. He is married to an elementary school teacher and has two daughters.
Mr. Stewart has been teaching in San Diego City Schools since 1997, and has been here at Kearny High since 2003. He loves the kids at BST and feels that their personalities and his personality mesh well together. Mr. Stewart is most proud when old students return to give him updates of their success.
When not teaching, Mr. Stewart spends time with his family, coaching his girls, surfing, spearfishing, working out, or practicing the "gentle art" of jiu jitsu. He also enjoys reading or working on his house.