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Mr. Durkin was born and raised in San Diego. He attended Clairemont High School and went to college at Mesa Community College before transferring to UCSD to complete his degree in Literature with a minor in Education. He completed the teacher credential program at UCSD, earning a credential in English Language Arts and a master's degree in Education. Mr. Durkin, during his student teaching, taught at the other Kearny small schools (SCC and DMD) and is now excited to be part of the BST team.
Mr. Durkin is an avid outsdoorsman interested in everything from hiking and backpacking to surfing and fishing. He has traveled, hiked, and camped in all of the national parks in California. He enjoys being outdoors, whether that's at the beach, or in the woods, mountains, and dessrt.
He has always love being in school and learning things. Mr Durkin is excited now to be at the other end of helping and inspiring students to be actively engaged in their own education.