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Transcript Information

For current students only:

Email your request to Mrs. Hernandez at chernandez3@sandi.net. Please be specific if you need an official transcript and unofficial transcript. 

- Official transcript means it is signed and embossed with the official seal.It will be given to you in a sealed envelope and cannot be faxed.

- Unofficial transcript means it will not be signed or embossed.

You will receive an email when your transcript is ready for pick up.  Usually your transcript will be available bythe next work day.  You may come to the SIBoffice to pick it up before school, lunch and after school.  You may not pick it up during class time.


Past Kearny Students:

After your initial 2 free copies there will be a $3 charge for each additional copy processed.  Cash and checks or money orders payable to Kearny High School is the only acceptable form of payment.

Transcripts to a college, university or agency: Supply your first name, last name (maiden name), year of graduation, telephone number and the address of the college or agency you want it sent to.  No ID is required when sending to a college, university or agency.

Transcript to your home:  All of the above plus a signed letter and a photocopy of an official ID are required. 

You must request transcripts by mail or in person. For more information you may contact Elena Hernandez at (858)496-8370ext. 4208 or email at chernandez3@sandi.net.