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Circle of Friends Overview

Mission Statement: Our mission is to provide inclusion for students with disabilities in the school campus by establishing the understanding and acceptance of differences, building genuine friendships, decreasing bullying and making a significant social impact. 
Officer​ ​Overview
➢ Club email: cofkearny@gmail.com
➢ President: Gemma Samoy ○ gemmamsamoy@gmail.com
➢ Vice President: Nancy Thai ○ thainancy2000@yahoo.comnancythaik@gmail.com
➢ Secretary: Eileen Solano ○ eileensol4@gmail.com
➢ Treasurer: Maria Simmons ○ maria101simmons@gmail.com
➢ Historian: Johnlerrie Gaza ○ gjohnlerrie@yahoo.com
➢ Advisor: Julie Kim ○ jkim2@sandi.net
2013-14 Club
Circle of Friends takes place in the Cafeteria/Rm. 207 every Wednesday during lunch!