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Kearny Stadium Groundbreaking Ceremony

Groundbreaking Ceremony

February 27, 2014

San Diego Unified School District Building Quality Neighborhood Schools


San Diego Unified School District and the Proposition Z team wish to thank the students, parents, school staff and community members who contributed to this project.  The district would also like to thank the voters for supporting San Diego schools by passing Propositions S & Z.  For additional information on Proposition S & Z, please visit www.sandi.net/Facilities.

Project Description:

This project involves swapping the locations of the football stadium and the baseball field to allow for proper orientation of the stadium, as well as expansion of stadium facilities. In addition to rebuilding the football stadium (where the baseball field is now), the district will also construct a new baseball field (where the football stadium is now), install a new synthetic turf field and all-weather track; as well as, improve the grading, drainage and irrigation systems. This project also involves making improvements that are needed in order to comply with American’s with Disabilities Act.


• Replacing existing football and track and field with new artificial and all-weather track

• Installing new accessible bleachers (1,541 seating capacity on home side, and 846 seating capacity on visitors’ side)

• Installing new press box with enclosed platform lift for ADA accessibility

• Constructing new ticket booths, restrooms and concession stands for home and visitors’ sides

• Installing new stadium lighting and sound system

• Installing new scoreboard and goal posts

• Installing new entrance gates for home and visitor’s sides

Baseball Field:

• Relocating existing baseball field and install new natural grass outfield

• Installing new accessible bleachers

• Constructing new accessible announcer’s booth

• Installing new scoreboard

• Constructing new accessible dugouts

• Installing new backstop and fencing

Construction is scheduled to be completed during first quarter 2015.
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