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The School of International Business, an innovate neighborhood public high school in the San Diego Unified School District, was created in the fall of 2004 as part of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation's small school movement. The Gates Foundation's generous grant to the district allowed the Kearny High Educational Complex to be divided into four autonomous schools. The School of International Business serves a diverse (over 15 different home languages) and low-income (76% qualify for free and reduced lunch) student population of 460. Since its beginning, the School of International Business has prided itself on providing a personalized academic environment for traditionally underserved students. In seven short years of existence, School of International Business has improved its academic reputation in the community and increased its Academic Performance Index (CA's testing measure) by nearly 250 points to 860. As testament to the staff's dedication to student achievement and closing the achievement gap, Kearny International Business has received five regional and national honors:

CA Distinguished School (2009),
CA Title 1 Academic Achievement Award (2008, 2009, 2010)
US News and World Report Bronze Medal Award (2008, 2009, 2010)
CA Business for Education Excellence Award (2008 and 2010)
National Center for Urban Excellence Award Finalist (2009),
Panasonic Award (2010).

As the school's motto suggests, the curriculum challenges students beyond borders and beyond barriers.  Unique learning opportunities are infused into the school day and beyond the campus including business internships, after school academic-based clubs, the Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) elective, and the prestigious dual enrollment program with Mesa Community College. In the class of 2010, 100% of Kearny International Business seniors completed one transferable college class prior to high school graduation. An astounding two-thirds of seniors finished at least three college courses and nearly a third earned at least twenty-seven transferrable college units before graduating.

Kearny International Business represents a progressive and researched-based effort to enhance the learning opportunities for high school students.  The staff prides itself on the academically-rich, standards-based curriculum offered to all students. The forward-thinking and resourceful staff works tirelessly to prepare students for a seamless transition to post-secondary education or work.  In 2010, 95% of graduates went to college. SIB seniors have been accepted at such institution as Harvard, Occidental, Brandeis, UC Berkeley, UC Los Angeles, UC San Diego, UC Davis, and many others.