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School of College Connections

The School of College Connections (SCC) provides students with the encouragement and educational opportunities necessary to prepare them to become productive members of society. Our goal is to assure that all students receive a well-rounded education that emphasizes high academic and social standards, cultivates critical thinking and problem solving skills, develops technological literacy, provides for postsecondary preparation, and instills a desire for lifelong learning.  

As the name of the school implies, the main pathway in SCC is college.  Starting in 9th grade, students are enrolled in AVID, a globally recognized in-school academic program that prepares students for college eligibility and success.  In this course, which is paired with an English class, students learn about college entrance requirements, application strategies, and scholarship information from their teachers and university guest speakers.  In 10th grade, students launch their college careers with daily Kearny staff instructional support.  In grades 10-12, students can take up to two Mesa College courses per semester (for a total of 4/year) that count towards high school and college graduation.  These courses, which award weighted credit, include:  Reading and Composition (ENGL 101), Health and Lifestyle (HEAL 101), Principles of Sociology (SOCO 101), Interpersonal Communication (COMS 135), General Psychology (PSYC 101), Introduction to Physical Anthropology (ANTH 102), Introduction to Chicano Studies (CHIC 110A), Trigonometry (MATH 104), Intermediate Algebra and Geometry (MATH 96), Personal Growth (PERG 110), and Art (ARTF 100).  While in college courses, students receive support in areas such as note-taking, study skills, academic writing, and tutoring.  They also participate in field trips to local universities and college fairs.


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