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Our Staff

Overseen by our Principal, the staff at Juarez is a very caring group of over 30 adults who are most focused on what is best for students.  Our Building Services staff keep the school bright, clean, shiny, and safe.  The office staff includes an all bilingual (Spanish-English) full time Elementary Assistant and School Clerk.  We also have a part time Nurse and Health Technician.  Our cafeteria staff feeds students breakfast and lunch daily.  Our teachers, both general and special education, are very experienced and work together to ensure student success.  Part time teachers assist with literacy and math skills, as well as English Language Development.  A part time English Learner Coordinator assists all teachers with strategies and materials to help our English Learners become proficient in their second language.  A part time School Counselor works with the part time Guidance Assistant to meet the social and emotional needs of students, and provide behavior support when needed.  We also have a terrific PE prep teacher who helps students to learn the value of physical activity and exercise for emotional and physical health.  Itinerant music teachers work with our 5th graders, introducing them to the basics of instrumental music.  Our part time Library Assistant manages our media center, and helps students develop a love for books.  Other support staff include Special Education Assistants and Technicians, a Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Speech/Language Pathologist, Adapted PE teacher, and a School Psychologist.   Via a partnership with SDSU, undergrads in the Department of Psychology provide service learning hours supporting students with individual and small group tutoring.    

Meet Our SuperHeroes!

ECSE                                        Jessica Salinas                             jowens2@sandi.net

TK/K English                              Marilyn Tilos-Thatcher                  mtilos@sandi.net

TK/K Spanish                             Lorena Cardenas-Granda              lgranada-mendez@sandi.net         

1st Grade English                       Isabel Munguia                            imunguia@sandi.net

1st Grade Spanish                      Teresa Hernandez                        thernandez3@sandi.net                 

2nd Grade English                      Paul Villar                                    pvillar@sandi.net

2nd Grade Spanish                     Patricia Baltazar-Gonzales             pbaltazar-gonzale@sandi.net 

3rd Grade English                       Wendy Culver                              wculver@sandi.net

3rd  Grade Spanish                     Nuri Vargas                                  nvargas@sandi.net

4th Grade English and Spanish    Sonia Fleischman                           sfleischman@sandi.net

5th Grade  English and Spanish    Frank Millican                               fmillican@sandi.net

Mod/Severe Special Ed.               Patty Leming                                 pleming@sandi.net