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Benito Juarez

Benito Juarez

Every year the community of Benito Juarez Elementary honors the school's namesake with a day long celebration that includes cultural performances, a fiesta lunch, and a carnival!  In the last few years the school has also put on a car show! 

Students are reminded of the legacy of Benito Juarez, a contemporary and friendly correspondent with US President Abraham Lincoln.  A Zapotec indian, President Juarez had humble beginnings.  He valued education and with perseverance became an attorney and eventually the most famous president of Mexico.  His motto:  "Al respecto derecho, ajeno es la paz...  Respecting the rights of others is peace..."  is reinforced with our students daily.  With support from the community, Benito Juarez Day has become a much enjoyed annual event!

Benito Juarez Elementary was dedicated in the fall of 1962.