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Welcome to Mrs. Wroncy's page!

Name: Barbara Wroncy
Email Address: bwroncy1@sandi.net
Phone Number: 858.628.1958 -Ext. 117

We have an incredible school year planned with excellent opportunities for John Muir students to explore themselves and the world through our core curriculum, elective offerings and Socratic Seminars. The Muir staff is eager to bring real world experiences into the classroom, helping students see the true applications of what they are accomplishing at school.

Daily Schedule:
Period 1 - Theater 8 Course Syllabus
Period 2 - English 8 Course Syllaus
Period 3 - Prep
Period 4 - English 6 Course Syllabus
Period 5 - English 7 Course Syllabus
Period 6 - Theater 7 Course Syllaus