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Angela Schu's Classroom

Welcome to Mrs. Schu's page!

Name: Angela Schu
Email Address: aschu@sandi.net
Phone Number: (858) 268-1954 Ext. 116
Cell Phone:  858 344-8480

Welcome to the home page for CC Math 6, Step Up Math 6th, CC Math 7, CC Math 8, and PE 8th grade.  We have an incredible school year planned with excellent opportunities for John Muir students to explore themselves and the world through our core curriculum and Paideia Seminars. The Muir staff is eager to bring real world experiences into the classroom, helping students see the true applications of what they are accomplishing at school.

Daily Schedule:
Period 1 - Step Up to Math 6 Course Syllabus

Period 2 - CC Math 6 Course Syllabus

Period 3 - CC Math 7 Course Syllabus

Period 4 - 
CC Math 8 Course Syllabus
Period 5 - Prep

Period 6 - PE 8 Course Syllabus
Be sure to check Parent Portal - Powerschool
for your child's current grades and homework checks *
Since we do units of study where students work through the units and compile their work as they go.  All work is turned in on the day of the test in packets (Homework, Class Activities, Notes) and therefore missed assignments or poor assignments can be redo up to the day of the test. You can check your students Google Classroom for daily assignments and upcoming test dates.
*I enter homework "check" grades as we move through so that parents can see if their student is completing the practice work.  These grades are not included in the grade until the packet is turned in on test day and if submitted when due, students have up until the test day to revise and resubmit.

Help Session:
Every Monday afterschool (late busses available)
Lunch Mon-Tues-Thurs