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The free after school care program at John Muir is funded by the ASES grant and provided through ICES Education. 

Hours of Operation:

- AM Regular Day Schedule: MondayTuesdayThursdayFriday @ 6:00am-7:25am
- PM Regular Day Schedule: MondayTuesdayThursdayFriday @ 2:30pm-6:00pm
- PM Modified Day Schedule: Wednesdays @ 12:10pm-6:00pm
*some modified days are added to the Calendar for events, please see the school calendar for these dates
Serves grade levels Kindergarden-8th grade students


The mission of ICES Education is to provide a quality program to all stakeholders through innovative practices by providing Inspiring, Caring, Exciting and Stimulating environment (ICES). For more information about ICES Education please visit https://www.iceseducation.org

For more information about SDUSD’s PrimeTime Extended Day Program please visit https://www.sandiego unified.org/primetimeFor more information about the process of applying, if you would like to view any Monthly Calendars, Newsletters, etc. please reach out to the Site Director, Evelyn Burgos.

Contact Information:

Site Director- Evelyn Burgos

(858) 280-9339



For any additional support or concerns about the PrimeTime Program at John Muir provided by ICES Education, please contact Danielle Schilling, Program Coordinator, Monday-Friday anytime between 9:00am-6:00pm at (619) 214-8959 or via email at danielle@iceseducation.org