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Top Ten High School Boys
2017 OAS National Championship

Sterling Brownell (Muir) - 1st Place
Michael Steel (Mt. Everest) - 8th Place 

OAS 2017 Archery Team
Coaches Vince Stevens and Glenn McHenry
Archers Mikey Steel, Christina Steel, Jackson Sink, Edward Shingler (all from Mt. Everest School); Sterling Brownell, Samantha Duarte, Senia White, Kyle McHenry (John Muir School); Brien Famorcan (Pine Valley); Liam Brinton (La Jolla High School)


2016 Fall Mail-in Results 

This year OSA received results for 160 students from 11 Middle Schools and 55 students from 8 High Schools!
Overall, John Muir Middle School was the top Middle School!

In the Middle School division, 8 California schools (John Muir, Sequoia, Highland Academy, Sanderling Waldorf, High Tech, Mountain View, San Gorgonio, and St. Jerome) and 3 Florida schools (Corner Lake, Jordan Glen and Lake Mary Prep) shot for the top spots. Nathan Samson of High Tech Middle Chula Vista and Juliann Copeland of Mountain View Middle School grabbed individual victories for boys and girls respectively! Juliann deserves special congratulations for shooting a perfect round!

The High School division was represented by 6 schools from California (Da Vinci, John Muir, La Jolla, Fontana, High Tech, Highland Academy), 1 from Florida (Lake Mary Prep), and 1 from our new Utah conference (Judge Memorial Catholic HS)! Sterling Brownell of John Muir High School (boys) and Emma Morton of Da Vinci High School (girls) were the winners individually. Da Vinci High School took the top spot and walked away as the overall High School winner!


Congratulations to John Muir’s Archery Team for obtaining 3rd place overall at the Olympic Archery in Schools (OAS) State Champoinship!


Once more the John Muir archers demonstrated their fine archery skills this past Saturday, April 2 at the State Archery Championship at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista.

About 200 archers representing 24 schools competed in the event. The participating archers spent the full day on Saturday at the Easton Archery Center for Excellence, a new archery facility at Olympic Training Center. Our archers are among the best in the state, with students in grades 4-5 competing against middle school teams!

Our archers were also featured in the CW6 News on March 31.

To see more go to http://www.cw6sandiego.com/video/olympic-archery/


At the regional tournament held on Saturday, March 12, the team obtain two trophies, a first place for middle school and the second place for high school.

High School Team - 2nd place trophy overall

High School Boys Olympic Rounds:

Kai Rensberry – 1st place Gold medal

Sterling Brownell - 3rd place Bronze medal

High School Triples Team:

Marquez Ortiz – 3rd place Bronze Medanwith Jackson Sink and Edward Shingler from Mt. Everest Academy

Middle School - 1st place trophy overall

Middle School Girls Olympic Rounds:

Samantha Duarte – 2nd place Silver medal

Lauren Kadlubowski – 4th place medal

Middle School Boys Olympic Rounds:

Ian Quezada – 4th place medal

High School Triples Team:

Olivia Spillane, Bibi Vetsko, Cory Wright – 1st place Gold medal

Daisy Carolan, Gavin Dutcher, Pierre Mailloux - 2nd place Silver medal


It takes a lot of time, effort, practice, and dedication to compete in an increasingly competitive field. Special thanks to our Coaches Vince Stevens, Stacy Kadlubowski, Robert Buntin, Glen McHenry, and Robert Kadlubowski, and the many volunteers/parents that helped make it all of this possible. Thank you all for the representing John Muir so well!



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