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Traffic and School Safety

Campus safety is Jerabek's top priority. Teachers, support staff, school police services and community organizations work together to prevent, prepare and respond to emergency situations. Read more about school safety»

Traffic Safety

Drop-off Procedure

Parents should not attempt to drop children off by driving into the school parking lot. The safety of our children is important to all of us.

  • Drive up to cuing lane. Please do not park in cuing lane.
  • Remain in car.
  • Move with the flow of traffic.
  • Have children exit car on sidewalk.
  • Please continue to stop sign at the crosswalk.
  • Help keep our students safe and avoid all U-turns! Thank you!
  • No left turn from staff parking lot.
  • FOR THE SAFETY OF OUR STUDENTS - our parking lot is blocked before school 8:15-8:40 and after school 3:00-3:20 - cars may not enter or exit during this heighten safety alert time

Please note drop-off zone and no-parking zone. The school parking lot is for teachers and staff parking only.

If you visit our school, please park on Avenida Magnifica or in the parking lot at Jerabek Park.