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School Site Council

The School Site Council (SSC) is an elected decision-making group comprised of parents, community members, site administrators, teachers and other staff. The SSC has an ongoing responsibility to develop, implement, monitor and evaluate the site plan. The SSC also oversees all the categorical funds such as Title I, Second Language and GATE. All schools are required to have an SSC. Contact our principal or SSC chair if you are interested in joining.

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Single Plan for Student Achievement

State regulations require that the School Site Council be the group responsible for developing and revising the Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA) in collaboration with the site instructional leadership team. Ongoing consultation with site advisory groups about student performance data, student needs, identified goals, appropriate interventions/preventions, and associated budgets is an integral part of the development and monitoring of the SPSA. See Education Code 64001.

This ongoing involvement of the School Site Council in the review of the Single Plan for Student Achievement is a critical element of the annual planning cycle and should be reflected in meeting agendas and minutes. Documentation of SSC development, revision, monitoring, and evaluation of the SPSA must be maintained at each school in the SSC Notebook. All documentation must be maintained for seven years, plus the current school year.