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November SGT Minutes

San Diego Unified School District

Jerabek Elementary School

SGT Meeting

1 November 2018




Staff:                                                                                                           Parents/Community Members:

_X_  M. Trovato (SGT)
_X_  M. Wilsie (SGT, SDEA Rep)
_X_   H. Chell (SGT – Chairperson)
_X_   T. Peterson (SGT)

__X_ R. Montiel (SGT)

 __X__ P. Pond (SGT),
  X_   Principal (A. Watkins)
_X_   K. McLaughlin (SGT)

__X__ D. Peacock (SGT)

__X__S. Toerien (SGT)

_X_   M. McChesney (SGT Chairperson)
_X_   K. Smyth (SGT)
_X_   G. Colletto (SGT)
_X_   C. O’Rourke (SGT)

 _X__S. Ramsinghani (SGT)


Also present:                                                                                                                                   

K. McCauley (guest): V. Neville (parent/guest)


SGT – Teachers 50% of 14 members is 7 staff reps, Classified 15% of 14 members is 2 CSEA





Action Requested of SSC Members

1.      Call to Order

·      Melissa McChesney, SGT Parent Co-Chairperson

·  Meeting was called to order at 12:54 p.m.  A quorum was present.

2.      Public Comment

Walk on Agenda Items


·     Open

·  Dr. Watkins and all members introduced themselves.


3.      SGT Business

Ø  Approval of Minutes




Ø  Voting Discussion



·     Action Item:  Approval of minutes for May: Melissa McChesney, SGT Parent Co-Chairperson


·     Vote/Consensus


·  Minutes from October meeting were reviewed.  A motion for approval of the minutes made by S. Toerien, seconded by C. O’Rourke.  Motion passed and minutes approved.



4.      Data Review & Instruction

Ø  Assessment Data Results









·     Informational:  A. Watkins




·  Dr. Watkins stated that she has no new results to report. She will report next month.

5.      SPSA (and other school plans)

Ø  School/Parent Compact


Ø  School Safety Plan



·     Information item: K.McCauley


·  G. Colletto submitted edits for the School/Parent Compact to change.

·  Personnel change, map of crime changed for School Safety Plan; staff has to have assigned duties for first responder jobs- “Primary Task per Shift”.  Job descriptions are in the secondary safety backpacks in the classroom. Higher level duty team members have additional tools and walkie/talkies in their backpacks.

·  Everyone on the staff has a job. Certain teachers are directly and solely responsible for students.

·  Evacuation maps in every classroom and backpacks.

·   M. Wilsie raised a concern regarding her open back door and bathroom doors. A discussion was held by the committee. K.McCauley led the discussion and a decision was made to pursue further discussion at the next staff meeting. M. Wilsie also mentioned security of the STEM lab. This is also going to be evaluated and reviewed. Will add this discussion to the agenda for next month.

·  M. McChesney asked a question about a new check in process. Dr. Watkins said there is a plan in place to review a new check-in process.

·  S. Ramsinghani mentioned that there have been concerns about how parents are notified in the event of an acute event.

Dr. Watkins discussed this. She is thinking of sending a newsletter. She is thinking of a sending an email debriefing memo to the parents after a lockdown or fire drill.


P.Pond also mentioned that perhaps parents’ information may not be the most up to date.


K. McCauley reminded the committee that there are District protocols in place that staff need to follow with regards to communication.


6.      Budget

Ø  Budget


·     Dr. Watkins, Principal


·  FFO presented a check from Barona plus checks for the librarians.

7.      DAC and ELAC

Ø  DAC Report



ØELAC Report


·     Informational: S. Ramsinghani










·     Informational:  Kori Smyth, ELAC representative




·     S. Ramsinghani attended the meeting. She presented posters to be added to our public posting board.

·     LCAP review; executive board introductions, sdu.sandi.org- family engagement website

·     This Saturday LCAP Community Dialogue at Ibarra Elementary School

·     Revised DAC calendar

·     Guiding documents for School Plan for Single Achievement.

·     Presentation on Art Education for Title I schools. Sandi.net/vapa


·     Federal survey from completion was reviewed.




8.      Round Table – Other School Business


·     Informational:  Committee Members



·         C. O’Rourke requested that the policy regarding electronics use during “The Mile” run be reviewed. Dr. Watkins said she would review the curriculum and current policies with regards to “The Mile” and discuss with the teachers. She would then report back.




Meeting Adjourned at 2:03 p.m.

Minutes recorded by Courtney O’Rourke