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December SSC Agenda


                                                                                  San Diego Unified School District                                                          

Jerabek Elementary School

SSC Meeting

December 6, 2018



MEMBERS PRESENT:                                                                                                                        Quorum was met

  Shana Toerien  (SSC)          

     Other - Classified

   Melissa McChesney    

(SSC) Parent (2nd yr) Co- chairperson

  Melalee Trovato (SSC)

     Teacher (TK/K)

   Courtney O’Rourke

(SSC) Parent (2nd yr)



   Shannon Ramsinghani

(SSC) Parent (1st yr) DAC Rep

  Mauri Wilsie (SSC)            

     Teacher  (1st/2nd) SDEA Rep

   Kori Smyth

(SSC) Parent (2nd yr) ELAC Rep

  Heather Chell (SSC Co-chair)

     Teacher (3rd)

   Ginger Colletto

(SSC) Parent(2nd yr)

  Tarynn Peterson (SSC)                  Teacher (4th/5th)

 Dr. Watkins                                    Principals Ex Officio



SSC – 50% Staff 50% Parents




Action Requested of  Members

1.      Call to Order



2.      Public Comment





·     Open


3.      SSC Business

Ø  Approval of Minutes


Ø  Separation of minutes and agendas

Ø  Bylaws


Ø  Field Trip/Bus


Ø   School News Letter

Ø  Mile Run and Technology

Ø  RTI Intervention Update





3b.  New Business

Ø  Office Staff

Ø  Phonic Fundations



















·     Action Item:  Approval of minutes for November 1, 2018

·     Action Item: Approval of separation of minutes and agendas from SGT

·     Action Item: Approval of SSC By-laws

·      Informational:  Dr. Watkins/Chell


·      Informational:  Dr. Watkins

·      Informational:  Dr. Watkins

·      Informational:  Dr. Watkins





·      Informational:  Dr. Watkins

·      Informational:  Dr. Watkins













4.      Data Review and Instruction

Ø  Assessment Data Results

Ø  Attendance Records






·     Informational: Dr. Watkins

·     Informational: Dr. Watkins



5.      SPSA

Ø  Family Engagement Policy

Ø  School/Parent Compact







·     Action Item: 


·     Informational: Katie McCauley





6.      Budget






·     Informational : Dr. Watkins, Principal




7.      DAC and ELAC

Ø  DAC Report

Ø  ELAC Report











·     Informational: Shannon Ramsinghani, DAC Representative


·     Informational:  Kori Smyth; ELAC Representative










·     DAC:  



·     ELAC:

8.      Round Table











Meeting Adjourned at _________p.m.

Minutes recorded by _______________________________


Next Scheduled SSC Meeting:  Thursday, January 10, 2019


12:50 – 1:50 in Room 302




Date Posted:  December 4, 2018