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December SGT Agenda

                                                                                  San Diego Unified School District                                                          

Jerabek Elementary School

SGT Meeting

December 6, 2018



MEMBERS PRESENT:                                                                                                                        Quorum was met

  Shana Toerien  (SGT)          

     Other - Classified

   Melissa McChesney    

(SGT) Parent (2nd yr) Co- chairperson

  Karen McLaughlin (SGT)

     Other - Classified

   Courtney O’Rourke

(SGT) Parent (1st yr) 

  Melalee Trovato (SGT)

     Teacher (K)

   Shannon Ramsinghani

(SGT)  Parent (1st yr) DAC Rep

  Renata Montiel (SGT)            

     Teacher  (1st)

   Kori Smyth

(SGT)  Parent (2nd yr) ELAC Rep

  Mauri Wilsie (SGT)

     Teacher (2nd) SDEA Rep

   Ginger Colletto

 (SGT) Parent (1st yr) 

  Heather Chell (SGT- Co-chair)      Teacher (3rd)

  Tarynn Peterson (SGT)                   Teacher(4th)      

  Pam Pond (SGT)                             Teacher (5th)

  Debra Peacock  (SGT)                    Sped Teacher

 Dr. Watkins                                     Principal


SGT – Teachers 50% of 14 members is 7 staff reps, Classified 15% of 14 members is 2 CSEA

Parent Reps 35% 5 members





Action Requested of  Members

1.      Call to Order



2.      Public Comment





·     Open


3a.  SGT Business

Ø  Approval of Minutes


Ø  Field Trip/Bus

Ø      School News Letter

Ø  Mile Run and Technology

Ø  RTI Intervention Update






3b.  New Business

Ø  Office Staff

Ø  Phonic Fundations
























·       Action Item:  Approval of minutes

 for November 1, 2018

·       Informational:  Dr. Watkins/Chell

·      Informational:  Dr. Watkins

·      Informational:  Dr. Watkins

·      Informational:  Dr. Watkins






·      Informational:  Dr. Watkins

·      Informational:  Dr. Watkins



3.      Data Review and Instruction

Ø  Assessment Data Results






·     Informational: Dr. Watkins



4.      SPSA

Ø  Family Engagement Policy

Ø  School/Parent Compact

Ø  SGT/SSC meeting together








·     Informational: Katie McCauley





5.      Budget






·     Informational : Dr. Watkins




6.      DAC and ELAC

Ø  DAC Report

Ø  ELAC Report











·     Informational: Shannon Ramsinghani, DAC Representative


·     Informational:  Kori Smyth; ELAC Representative










·     DAC:  



·     ELAC:

7.      Round Table












Meeting Adjourned at _________p.m.

Minutes recorded by _______________________________


Next Scheduled SGT Meeting:  Thursday, January 10, 2019


12:50 – 1:50 in Room 302




Date Posted:  December 4, 2018