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Community Report — December

From the Principal

Jerabek has been hard at work in many different ways. Most recently we took time to celebrate our extraordinary student achievement results from California’s new annual testing (SBAC/CAASPP). Test result rankings included all students combined for a ranking based on percentage of “met or exceeded” standards.

  • Countywide all schools—503 Jerabek ranks 10th overall in Math, 3rd overall in English Language Arts (tied with Dingeman)
  • Statewide—5,802 schools Jerabek ranks in the top 1% in English Language Arts and in the top 2.5% in Math
  • Districtwide—117 schools Jerabek is 3rd overall in the district in English Language Arts (tied with Dingeman) and 5th overall in Math

Extraordinary student outcomes happen systemically when people are focused on students and collaborate in a positive way. The Jerabek staff would like to thank our wonderful parents who give above and beyond of their time and finances, which enables our Family Faculty Organization (FFO) to enrich our educational program. The FFO has spent an extraordinary amount of money on the professional development of our teachers, who are at the heart of providing a stellar education.

We are in our second year of the Just Think Literacy program, funded by the FFO, which teaches critical thinking through complex analyzing of advanced concepts within literature. This teaching has enabled students to extrapolate deeper meaning from the books they read.

This development of thinking is directly tied to Common Core curriculum that requires students to not only memorize trivial aspects of a book—such as plot, setting, and character—but demands deep understanding of concepts such as exposition, rising conflict, climax, turning point, resolution, internal conflict, and problem. This program builds high-level vocabulary through the identification of story concepts—honesty, trickery, forgiveness—and themes. This complex thinking also enhances our students’ writing.

We want to recognize the leadership that enhances our school: Marlon Gardinera, Site Governance Team president; Courtney O’Rourke, School Site Council president; Ginger Colletto, FFO president; and Cindy Brentall, FFO president-elect.

Our students are gearing up to start Student Council. At Jerabek we do not hold an election that serves to limit participation. The Student Council is open to all 4th and 5th graders who want to serve our school. Students develop initiative, self-esteem, pride, and leadership. Student groups choose school service projects and perform them on a schedule they develop.

Finally, a special thank you to our office and custodial staff who work so hard to ensure the school is ready and operating each day! Thank you, SRCA Newsletter, for the opportunity to share.

Kristie Joiner
Jerabek Principal

From our FFO

Volunteer Spotlight

Kelly Melancon

The amazing Jerabek volunteer of the month is Kelly Melancon (above). Kelly is mom to two handsome boys, John and James. She is an accomplished accountant and a fantastic volunteer. She helps in the classroom every week, serves as chair of this year’s very successful Pledge Drive, and is a vice president on the Jerabek Family Faculty Organization (FFO) Board. Kelly shares her positive spirit with the Jerabek campus every day. Thank you, Kelly, for all you do for Jerabek!

Last-Minute Holiday Shopping?

Support Jerabek while you shop through the online eScrip mall. It has more than 1,000 name-brand merchants who are willing to donate up to 16% to Jerabek. Go to www.escrip.com to sign up. Thank you, eScrip, for supporting our school!

New Safety Signs

After a series of close calls in our crosswalks, a parent contacted Bob Ilko, Scripps Ranch Civic Association (SRCA) president, to have the city evaluate if our crosswalks could be made safer. Bob immediately offered to help and arranged to have a city traffic operations engineer assess Jerabek’s crosswalks and signage. As a result, the city will replace the old-style signs with new ones at both crosswalks. Parents want to thank Bob and the SRCA for their efforts to keep our kids safe.

We wish you and your families a very safe and happy holiday season!

Jan Coppola