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8th Grade Promotion Criteria

8th graders who exemplify the iMiddle Manner and meet criteria below will be invited to attend a special Promotion Ceremony at the end of the year.  In order for students to be promoted to the 9th grade, they must meet the academic standards of the San Diego Unified School District.  School staff will communicate this information throughout the year. 

In order to participate in the 8th grade Innovation Middle School Promotion Ceremony and Activities at the end of the year, students must meet the following criteria for the Semester 2 Progress Report in April/May.


            Student Criteria based on Semester 2, Progress Report 2 (April/May 2015)

·    No “F” or “U” marks (classroom and school wide citizenship apply)

·    Students with 11 or more tardies the entire year will not meet criteria (includes first period tardies)

·    Students with three or more truancies (including period truancies) will not meet criteria

·    Students with more than 10% absences the whole school year (roughly 18 days) will not meet criteria (exceptions include Dr. notes and meeting with the Counselor for extenuating circumstances)

·    No overdue school fines for textbooks, library books, netbooks, materials or equipment

·    Students with two or more suspensions will NOT meet the criteria

·    No suspensions within three weeks of the last day of school

·    Students who have any Zero Tolerance Suspensions throughout the year will not meet the criteria