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New P.E. Locker Rooms


iMiddle has new locker rooms for P.E.  Here is some information on the new procedures regarding locks and lockers:

Combination Locks

Students will need a combination lock that will be registered and engraved by the P.E. department.  The P.E. teachers will engrave the student’s name on the lock and record the combination.  Locks are available for purchase in the front office for $5 each.

• Students will be issued a locker in the P.E. locker room for their P.E. items. Suggested items include extra shoes and socks, hair ties (for long hair), sunscreen and non-spray deodorant (no glass containers).
• Students are not permitted to share lockers, combinations, P.E. clothes, or other personal items.
• Cell phones must be turned off and out of site in the locker room.  iPods, cameras, sprays, food, drinks and or gum are also not permitted.

Lockers are provided as a service so your child has a place to store their belongings.  Neither Innovation Middle School nor its employees are responsible for loss or damage to personal items.

Download Locker Room Procedures (PDF)