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Attendance Policy

Every Day Counts!  Higher Attendance = Higher Achievement

Absences – Absences must be reported by sending a note or a phone call from a parent or guardian to the Attendance Desk (858-278-5948).  If your child is absent, you should receive an automated call from the Principal.  The district considers a student who misses more than 10% of the school year as a chronic absentee.  This includes illness and unexcused days that total 10% or more of the school year. Please be sure to let the office and Counselor know of any long term illnesses or extenuating circumstances around attendance.

Doctor’s appointments, early dismissal – A parent must request your early dismissal by phone call or note to the Attendance Office – not to a teacher.  Any student leaving campus early without an official release slip is considered to be truant.

Extended Absences/Contracts
 – Parent or guardian must notify the Attendance Office (not the teacher) for a Contract of Independent Study at least five school days in advance.  If a contract is not obtained, this absence will be unexcused.  Extended trips/personal leaves are highly discouraged during the school year.

Tardies and Truancies
 – Tardies or truancies may result in consequences such as lunch-clean up, detention, and/or loss of privileges.