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Comprehensive School Safety Plan

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 The district version includes some templates that do not apply to iHigh. We are working to correct this information.
The current Comprehensive School Safety Plan (CSSP) was updated in January 2016 with input from the iHigh staff, School Site Council, and other community members. The iHigh School Site Council currently functions as iHigh's School Safety Committee, due to the small atypical nature of our school. The Comprehensive School Safety Plan addresses 11 Criteria:

Criterion 1:Assessment of current status of school crime data and site response to

                         crime data     

Criterion 2:Child abuse reporting procedures    AP 6370

Criterion 3:Disaster procedures, routine, and emergency

Criterion 4: Policies and acts related to suspension, expulsion, or mandatory expulsion  AP 6290     AP 6295

Criterion 5: Notification to teachers of dangerous students   AP 4613

Criterion 6: A sexual harassment policy  AP 0112     AP 6381

Criterion 7: The provisions of any schoolwide dress code   AP 6270

Criterion 8: Ensuring safety of students, staff, and parents/guardians while going to and from school

Criterion 9: Safe and orderly school environment  

Criterion 10: Assisted Rescue Protocols

Criterion 11: School Safety Committee formation